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Janet Behan – daughter of Brian, niece of Brendan, guest of the Plastic Podcasts – launches play of her legendary grandmother

Janet Behan, who graced our ears with a Plastic Podcasts interview as our third-ever guest, has announced the first showing of her one woman show, Kathleen And Me, as part of the online Shoreham Wordfest this Friday, January 29th 2021

The play, which she discussed with us back in August 2020, uses songs and stories alongside extracts from “Mother Of All The Behans” (Kathleen’s own memoir, as told to Brian Behan) to evoke the spirit of a remarkable woman and celebrate her influence on “The Notorious Behan Brothers”.

A republican activist and a celebrated folk singer in her own right, Kathleen’s brother Peader Kearney wrote the lyrics to the Irish National Anthem, while Janet’s play “Brendan at The Chelsea” received numerous plaudits and toured to New York with Adrian Dunbar as its star.

Kathleen Behan and Janet Behan

Directed by Jessica Higgs, the play will be aired online via Zoom with a live Q&A session taking place with the audience after the performance.

Tickets are available at £8 each and are available from the Shoreham Wordfest website of via this link. The performance (with Q&A) runs from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.

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