Like the falling tree in the woods, if there’s no one around to hear a podcast, does it actually exist?

We’re now running on Spotify and iTunes and a whole bunch of other fine, fine outlets – like Amazon – but if that’s all too much, then our dear friends at Castos have The Plastic Podcasts easily available for your welcoming ears.

Just click the links below.

Transcripts are available for all episodes on request.

Email or go to Contact Page to request a transcript.

Jo Neary: Cornwall, an Irish Gran and Other People’s Voices

Adrian Lunney: Building sites, fiddle lessons and being a republican in Purley

Liverpool Irish Centre: Heritage and Hopes for “Dublin’s Twin City”

Mo O’Connell and Mary Tynan: From Ireland to England and Back Again

Laurence Cox: Empire, Sedition and the forgotten Irish Buddhist monk who faced down the British in Burma

Nathan Mannion – Migration, Family and Stories at EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.

Zoe Lyons: Stand-up, Passport Paddies, Just A Minute and Gingsters

Rosemary Adaser: Finding A Voice And Using It To Be Heard For The Mixed-Race Irish

Dame Elizabeth Anionwu: the heritage of racism, the politics of health

Leeds Irish Centre – Half a Century of the craic in West Yorkshire

SuAndi: Growing up Nigerian-Irish in Manchester

Cherry Smyth – The Podcast

Tony Murray – The Podcast

Niamh Lear – The Podcast

Jess Moriarty – The Podcast

Craig Jordan-Baker – The Podcast

Nick Burbridge – The Podcast

Paul Moriarty – The Podcast

Bridget Whelan – The Podcast

Janet Behan – The Podcast

Paddy O’Keeffe – The Podcast

John O’Donoghue – The Podcast

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