Anthony Ekundayo Lennon

“There’s no sword to fall onto.”

I have spent so long thinking about Anthony Ekundayo Lennon that I barely know what to write.

I keep trying to put myself in his position. How would I feel if I were told, not just personally but nationally – by strangers, pundits, people I haven’t even met on the street – that I could not claim to be who I was?

After a childhood of being told I’m not who I am?

Of being made to feel other by those who should be my own?

My stock in trade is words.

Yet at the moment they are inadequate.

At least mine are.

So instead I’m going to post up the family photos Anthony has been good enough to share with me for the blog. Pictures and stories, that sort of thing.

There are also some links – to Simon Hattenstone’s article in The Guardian, to “Chilling Out”, the BBC devised drama featuring Anthony and his friend Lennie James, and to a moment from Good Morning Britain when the media storm was at its height.

Trigger warning: It’s Piers Morgan.

Read, watch, listen and – who knows – maybe you’ll come up with a better answer than me to the question:

How would you feel?

Patrick Lennon
Rose Lennon
Vincent and Anthony Lennon


Simon Hattenstone article in The Guardian

Chilling Out

Good Morning Britain

The Black Celts


Irish Times on Lucia Joyce

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