All The News That’s Fit To Chew…

“Diaspora Digested” makes its first edition.

News feed feeds on news of its own news.

The Plastic Podcasts are proud to announce the first monthly newsletter keeping all its subscribers (which probably means you*) caught up with the latest developments, not just of TPP, but also of its contributors and friends.

The newsletter, entitled “Diaspora Digested” is available as an email and as a webpage and features details of Janet Behan, Mary Tynan and Liverpool Irish Centre, along with news of the latest TPP project.

The next Diaspora Digested will be out Thursday 24th June.

All are invited to write in to if they want their own event included or if there’s something they can’t wait to share with a bunch of strangers (which probably includes you, too).

Deadline Monday 21st June.

*And if not, why not?

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Doug Devaney is a writer, performer and journalist. He is the presenter of The Plastic Podcasts. The Plastic Podcasts have been supported using public funding by Arts Council, England

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