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Diaspora Digested loses an “ed” but gains a month…

The second of the monthly newsletters from The Plastic Podcasts, featuring the latest details of Cherry Smyth, Craig Jordan-Baker, Dame Elizabeth Anionwu and the ubiquitous Liverpool Irish Centre is now ready for visual consumption and available here.

Renamed “The Diaspora Digest”, at least for this month, the newsletter is also available to subscribers by direct email. Just go to our home page and fill in your details in the space provided at the foot for all the news that’s fit to chew.

The next Diaspora Digest will be out Thursday 29th July

Drop us a line at if you want your own event included or there’s something you can’t wait to share with a bunch of strangers. Deadline Monday 26th July.

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Doug Devaney is a writer, performer and journalist. He is the presenter of The Plastic Podcasts. The Plastic Podcasts have been supported using public funding by Arts Council, England

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